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Whether you call it deionization resin or deionisation resin, when your organization needs DI Resin and pure water, turn to WWWCS. We offer nuclear-grade water treatment deionization resin in mixed bed and hard water blends, depending on your input water quality. The hard water resin, for rural areas, inland areas and states like Western Australia and South Australia, offers 20-25% more life to the resin than standard mixed bed.

Thermax Tulsion is the trusted name for window cleaning deionization resin, offering long-lasting resin and 0 parts per million spot-free results. It is incredibly effective for window cleaning or solar panel cleaning, leaving surfaces shiny and streak-free. When it comes to choosing the highest quality DI resin to produce pure water, you can depend on Thermax Tulsion.

Turn to us for all of your water fed needs including the top requested DI resin to produce deionization water for window cleaning. Expect outstanding products, top name brands and affordable prices on the products you need the most.

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