Fraud Blocker  

Alan M

Workshop manager, and head designer and manufacturer of the world-renowned WWWCS DI system. Fastidious with quality control.

Hobby: Watching the stars

Habitat: Omnipresent in the workshop

Bobby A

Qualified plumber and manufacturer of the WWWCS DI systems and hose reels. Best accent in the office.

Hobby: Scotch and Game of Thrones

Habitat: Back corner with the tools

Ellen R

The organised one. Many years’ experience in customer service. The expert front-of-house!

Hobby: Online shopping

Habitat: Front office

Josh T

All-rounder, buildin’, packin’, computin’.

Hobby: Gaming

Habitat: In any corner of the factory. Don’t ask questions

Mark R

The guru. Over 30 years’ of management experience in mechanical high access equipment and window cleaning.

Hobby: Netball coaching

Habitat: Corner office with a view


Rob M

With over 30 years’ hard surface cleaning experience, Rob’s seen it all. Training and sales expert.

Hobby: Beating his kids at footy

Habitat: In the field


Ron V

Aircraft engineer and master builder of DI systems and trolleys

Hobby: Cooking and German reality tv

Habitat: Workshop and smoko


Scotty S

Cyber security expert and assembly pro. Nothing gets past him in dispatch.

Hobby: Blasting away on the drums

Habitat: Prowling the workshop


Tommy Z

Web and print solutions expert.

Hobby: Following tech trends

Habitat: On the golf course or at the track


William D

The smart one – psych student and picker/packer king

Hobby: Hitting the books and mastering supercoach

Habitat: Pack station


Will W

International experience in SME management, marketing and sales.

Hobby: Watching the mighty ‘pies

Habitat: Distracting everyone