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Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Pressure cleaning is an integral part of any exterior cleaning. It is an environmentally safe method for cleaning hard surfaces with excellent quality. If your company is offering these services, your success comes down to the quality of your pressure cleaning equipment. We can help you ensure you have the very best possible products for any application you need.

We provide the highest quality and most versatile pressure cleaning equipment. Aero carbon fiber pressure cleaning poles, complete with Kevlar wear pads, are telescopic and adaptable for window cleaning. These feature a lightweight design for easy use, but they are incredibly durable and rigid. Aero poles can help your team do pressure washing up to four stories with ease.

We stock the highest quality pressure washers for the most heavy-duty jobs, complete with Honda motors and AR pumps, with gear reduction boxes and direct drive available. Pressure hose, wands, triggers, nozzles and fittings are all available. If you need pressure cleaning supplies, shop at WWWCS.

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