No bulldust. Just the best tools for the trade.

WWWCS (World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies) is the largest professional window cleaning equipment manufacturer and supplier in the Southern Hemisphere. Established in 1997, and in the high access/window cleaning industry for 28 years, we now have distributors across Australia and New Zealand. From day one we have focused on improving window cleaning productivity through premium product development and manufacturing. By staying at the forefront of industry innovation and technology, we’re here to assist you to run your business profitably. If we don’t stock it, it doesn’t match our quality standards and won’t match yours.

If window cleaning is your livelihood, don’t settle for the second best tools for the trade. Come to the industry leader of window cleaning equipment.

Our team that makes it all happen:

Mark R

The guru. Over 30 years’ of management experience in mechanical high access equipment and window cleaning.

Hobby: Netball coaching

Habitat: Corner office with a view

Alan M

Workshop manager, and head designer and manufacturer of the world-renowned WWWCS DI system. Fastidious with quality control.

Hobby: Watching the stars

Habitat: Omnipresent in the workshop

Annette N

Qualified tradesperson, brush-master and administration ace. There’s nothing she can’t make.

Hobby: Home reno

Habitat: Office and workshop

Ari D

Web and online solutions expert. Ari is offering an exciting range of online packages and services tailored specifically for window cleaners.

Hobby: Exploring markets

Habitat: Out back with a cigarette

Big S

Our driver-extraordinaire. If there’s a guy who can weave in and out of traffic to get your gear to you on time, he can.

Hobby: Cooking up a storm

Habitat: In the van with the tunes blaring

Bobby A

Qualified plumber and manufacturer of the WWWCS DI systems and hose reels. Best accent in the office.

Hobby: Scotch and Game of Thrones

Habitat: Back corner with the tools

Ellen R

The organised one. Many years’ experience in customer service. The expert front-of-house!

Hobby: Online shopping

Habitat: Front office

Graeme W

CAD designer and engineer. The man who brings WWWCS innovations to fruition.

Hobby: Motorbike riding

Habitat: Office / taking a holiday with his beloved bike

Josh T

All-rounder, buildin’, packin’, computin’.

Hobby: Gaming

Habitat: In any corner of the factory. Don’t ask questions.

Rob M

With over 30 years’ window cleaning experience, Rob’s seen it all. Training and sales expert.

Hobby: Beating his kids at footy

Habitat: In the field

Shital R

International experience in PROJECT management.

Hobby: Web-development ,Ethical-hacking

Habitat: Distracting Ari

Will W

International experience in SME management. Marketing and sales maestro.

Hobby: Watching the mighty ‘pies

Habitat: Distracting everyone