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We offer a wide range of window cleaning squeegees designed to meet each one of your needs. For professional window cleaning companies, having a reliable source for good quality, long lasting window squeegees is essential.

Check out our range of options. We offer different handles, channels and rubbers from all the major brands: Ettore, Unger, Sorbo, Moerman, Steccone, Wagtail and Pulex. You can choose from fixed, pivoting, and swiveling squeegees depending on your application needs. These provide you with the most control possible when it comes to cleaning windows in tough situations.

Also, choose between numerous sizes. You can customize options by matching the handles you want with channels and rubbers that are compatible – choose from a range of channel sizes and brands depending on the application. When you invest in our products, you always get exceptional service and quality. Our window cleaning squeegees are all trade quality and designed for work in the field.