Sorbo 18″ Viper Channel


3/4 adjustable wide body squeegee with the ends cut at a 45° angle


The VIPER 45 is Sorbo’s 3X4 Adjustable Wide-Body squeegee with the ends cut at a 45° angle. The VIPER 45 still has the high quality that Sörbo is known for and the popular easy-on, easy-off Sörbo end clips which give you easy access when changing the rubber blade. The new 45 degree diagonally angled ends on the front and back of the channel help to prevent the tip of the alloy from coming into contact with the frame surrounding the window. It cleans closer to the frame leaving less water and reaches into the corners. It is perfectly suited for the S-technique. The squeegee rubber is secured with two exterior end clips which are also angled to its 45° cut ends. The adjustment slots or settings in the Sörbo 3X4 Adjustable squeegee channel allow you to reposition the rubber/blade to the preferred firmness. It is sold with Sörbo FIRM45 T-Rubber only which also has 45° angle cut ends. When accompanied with the Sörbo Fast Release handle, Item 1385, you will have a 40° angle. In order to prevent streaks on the window, lead with the top of the squeegee. Note: All of these squeegees have their size (in/cm) imprinted on them next to the Sörbo logo. Sörbo introduced the VIPER 45, his original Quicksilver squeegee patented with 45° cut ends in 2021. Replacement end clips, Item #2979, are available for this squeegee (set of Left and Right 45° clips made to contour to the angle).

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