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Window Cleaning Squeegees: Benefits Of Use

Window Cleaning Squeegees: Benefits Of Use

Window cleaning squeegees tend to be an under-appreciated piece of equipment for cleaning windows. Most people have had poor experiences with the squeegee, so they tend to focus on other methods of cleaning. In fact, most people associate them with petrol stations where you have one rubber side for wiping and one spongy side for cleaning. However, these products get used by many, some of whom are rough with the product. The squeegee you purchase for your business isn’t going to look like that or perform that way.

Window cleaning squeegees started out as a tool for sailors in the 18th century so they could scrape the deck of the ships. Since then, the squeegee has improved and so have the skills everyday people use for them. For example, it is now known that to get the best clean, you must use deionized or purified water. For another, most squeegees are designed to angle and swivel as needed, which means less wrist fatigue on your part. There is a finesse that goes into cleaning with a squeegee, especially if you want a streak-free result. Most people don’t know how to achieve this, which is why they hire you to help them get the cleanest window possible.

Window Cleaning Supplies offers a variety of products and tools to help you clean windows like a professional. Window cleaning squeegees come from a variety of brands, such as Ettore, Sorbo, and Unger. Therefore, you need to choose the most appropriate brand based on your needs. You’ll find stainless steel, aluminium, and many other materials used to create the squeegee, which means you can choose the one you need most. Stainless steel works well if you may forget and leave the tool in a bucket of water for extended periods of time. You can also find scrubber/squeegee combinations.

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