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Window cleaning spotlight on Mack Reid from All Glass Cleaning

Each month we feature an interview with one of our great industry’s finest. We always knew window cleaners were a good looking bunch, but this man is living proof. He was a contestant on a season of The Bachelorette featuring Sophie Monk, and then appeared on Bachelor in Paradise. Now he’s back for more punishment, starring on the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise. Throughout all that he has maintained a successful window cleaning business. This month the spotlight shines west to Mack Reid from All Glass Window Cleaning. You can find All Glass’s website here.

Hi Mack, Tell us a bit about yourself and the business.

Well, I’ve been cleaning windows since I was 20 and with the greys and crows feet being a lot more prominent these days, it’s fair to say I’ve spent quite a few years in the industry. Lol.

I’ve been the owner of All Glass Cleaning since 2006, providing the greater community of Freo and surrounding suburbs with a trustworthy, professional window cleaning service that home owners and businesses can rely on. We have a fantastic team of 7 and I am extremely proud to be their boss. Our least experienced member has been with us 3 years, with our most experienced being 10 years.

In my personal life, I’ve had some public speaking and MC roles recently that I’m thoroughly enjoying. I’m working towards being able to mentor young guys and inspire them to live out their dreams and become the happiest version of themselves.

I love the ocean and surf as often as I can. I also play music and these two hobbies keep me very grounded and are my release from it all.

Oh yeah, did I mention I’ve been on a few silly TV shows in my spare time as of late also. Lol.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I’d done a few odd jobs after I’d left school and to be honest, didn’t have much direction moving forward in life. My best mate suggested I should I try window cleaning as his father’s friend was looking for an employee.

I was hooked from the start. The squeegee and I together were a match made in heaven. Haha. The 5am starts were no problem for me as I would knock off early and go surfing. The job suited my lifestyle to a tee.

Fast forward 5 years with my boss wanting to retire, he gave me the option to buy the business from him. With no business experience and still a young man of only 24, I asked my beautiful mum for a loan, of which she re-mortgaged her home for me to get the capital together to do so.

You did a bit of television work before entering The Bachelor. What was it, and what drew you toward a potential career in television?

I have indeed. You guys have certainly done your homework. I was coincidentally on a reality TV show in Sicily of all places in 2016. An Italian friend and I were taken from town to town through a series of challenges to get to the ultimate prize, a reunion with the family at Nona and Nono’s house. Great memories.

We were then flown up to Rome and interviewed in a live studio. To say I was nervous, would be a huge understatement. I was packing death. I was so nauseous that I was close to pulling the pin. I roped up the courage and when asked my first question, all the words just came spilling out of me. It felt quite natural and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This sparked my enthusiasm for being in front of the camera. For some strange reason, I actually enjoyed the anxious build up before being filmed and being put on the spot to perform is now a challenge that I love.

When my name was put forward by my admin manager to audition for The Bachelorette, I thought it would be a great way to meet the famous “Sophie Monk” for a possible connection, but also to expose myself to Australian media and be hopeful of further opportunities arising.

Tell us a bit about your experience on The Bachelor and then Bachelor in Paradise – you had the office here hooked! And did you ever feel you had a chance with Sophie Monk?

Haha, I’m glad you guys loved watching me make a fool of myself on national television. It was actually a real mental challenge. Bachelor in Paradise far more so than The Bachelorette. You’re filmed 24/7 for the most part of it and the show is based on drama, and thatʼs exactly what production want, to create entertainment for increased ratings. People seem to think it’s a holiday where you get to have a few drinks and do whatever you want. Far, far from it!

On the flipside of that, I’ve met some fantastic individuals that I now consider lifelong friends and again as mentioned, the fantastic opportunities that I’m lucky enough to have come my way from the experience. Like being asked to be an ambassador of the Heart Foundation, of which I’m humbled by the role, being just one of many.

And if the truth be known, I actually didn’t think I had a chance in hell of winning Sophie’s heart. You could tell from the outset who she was genuinely interested in and I truly believe I wasn’t one of those men. With that realisation, I tried to enjoy the occasion as much as possible and be the truest version of myself.

And what can we expect from you on the latest season?

Unfortunately, I have to be quite hush hush about my second time round in “paradise” and you can really never be sure how your character will be edited in the process. But, there will definitely be a few eye-opening moments that’s for sure.

How long did it take to film each season, and were you permitted to talk to the outside world during that time?

I lasted 5 weeks in The Bachelorette mansion and approx 10 days in each Bachelor in Paradise series. They’re very strict on contact with the outside world. No phone, no computers or TV, no internet. 1x 10 minute phone call every Sunday fortnight and in paradise, no contact whatsoever.

So having all that time away from work and without contact with the outside world, how did you manage to keep All Glass ticking along?

Great question! As I’ve already touched on slightly, I have a brilliant team and I believe we have a great culture at All Glass Cleaning. We all have the utmost respect for one another and would consider all to be friends. Our valued clients are also a massive factor behind the success of the business and use our services on a regular basis. Most have been with us for the entirety of trade and many I consider good friends.

I feel as if I can trust my team to get the job done and have operations running smoothly if I’m to leave for extended periods, as I’ve done so, many times in the past. The systems we have incorporated within the business, also play a major role in giving me some flexibility in pursuing other interests.

What have been the challenges in getting All Glass ticking along since your return from these trips?

Staying focused on what I’ve worked so hard on, for so many years, that being my baby, All Glass Cleaning. I’m often invited to attend events, bars and nightclubs and am sometimes asked to speak at these events. I’m also meeting and greeting what seems like thousands of people at a time. I’m a social being and love this atmosphere, but it can be very time consuming and energy intensive.

So, in the process, you can get caught up in it all and sometimes lose focus of what got you here in the first place. But I come back to the fact All Glass Cleaning has been an integral part of my life and I’m not about to give it up because of my 5 minutes of fame.

Can you leverage your work on television to assist your window cleaning business now?

I haven’t aligned the two as of yet with previous experiences, but this time I have somewhat of a plan. Watch this space!

Working in Perth, with such hard water, what sort of challenges do you face and which tools have helped?

We invested in WWWCS Pure Water Technology In 2012 and it was an absolute game changer. You’re right, the water over here in Perth is diabolical in regards to the resin we are going through and the amount of times we have to change it. I’ve been told Perth water is some of the hardest in the world.

Regardless, we still use the WFP where ever possible as it’s the key to eliminate danger to the employee and cost effective for the customer. The results speak for themselves.

Any advice you could give to window cleaners in running a successful business while facing other distractions?

I’ve actually considered chucking in the towel many times over the years and I’m so glad I never followed through. There will always be distractions for every business owner and it’s obviously a choice how we spend our time. As I’ve already said, focus is important, but you also need to be disciplined in operating and growing any business. Most successful business models don’t happen overnight. At times there will be tasks that you may hate doing, but if you persist and build the relationships and develop the systems, you will be truly rewarded and have a business to be proud of.

Thank you, Mack. Whether it’s in window cleaning or in the entertainment industry, or both, we wish you all the best in all future endeavours.

If you want to see Mack in action, tune into Bachelor in Paradise on Channel 10 8.40pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night or any time on Ten Play.

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