Need help choosing your water fed package? Use this guide based on the type of window cleaning you do:

Commercial and residential cleaning 1-6 storeys

Package 4A (if multiple operators Package 4B, 5A or 5B)

Commercial and residential cleaning 1-4 storeys

Package 3A (if multiple operators Package 3B)

Commercial and residential cleaning 1-3 storeys

Residential maintenance cleaning 1-3 storeys

Infrequent residential cleaning, or cleaning your own home 1-3 storeys

Infrequent residential cleaning, or cleaning your own home 1-2 storeys

Which upgrades do I need?

If you work in a hard water area:

– Use a 12.5L tank or above
– Select Hard Water Blend Resin
Consider an RO System as a pre-filter if you do a lot of commercial work where the system is used for extended periods.

If you don’t know how high you need to go:

Select the Package 2B, and build up your pole beyond 3 storeys down the track

If you clean shopfronts or sites where a water source is difficult to access:

– Select the Water Trolley Cart to take your pure water around with you

If you use water fed while abseiling:

– Select a compact pole with your package. At 4’ closed length, it’s easy to transport and work in tight spaces

If you clean solar panels:

– Consider a gooseneck extension arm for your Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter for hard-to-reach places
– A compact pole for ease of use climbing ladders
– An 18” brush for efficient cleans of large panels.

If you’re using the system for maintenance cleans but want the cleaning power:

– Add a detergent dispenser to your system

If you want any help with deciding which package is for you, do please contact us.