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Reasons to Select Ettore Cleaning Products

Reasons to Select Ettore Cleaning Products

If you’re like many professional window cleaners, you know that you need the best products so that you can do your job well. Ettore has a variety of squeegees and cleaning soaps available, and they are top-rated. You can find a variety of squeegee options, including swivelling heads, which prevent arm/shoulder strain. You can also find professional-grade rubber on all the products. Some even come with microfiber sleeves to absorb excess moisture and keep the window clean and streak-free. Regardless of the style you choose, you’re sure to find that you get done cleaning faster, which means you can fit in more jobs in a day.

Ettore also has a wide variety of cleaning solutions, which can help you provide a suitably clean window. It doesn’t cause streaking, which means you don’t have to go over the window again with clean water and most of these cleansers are designed to leave no residue when wiped off with a squeegee. That way, you can remove grime and grease, have no ammonia smell, and get streak-free results each time you use the product. With both options together, you’re sure to impress your clients and have them coming back to you time and again.

At World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies, they understand your need for quality products that help you do your job thoroughly and safely. They can help you find squeegees, extension poles, cleaning products, and much more. They’re one of the top equipment manufacturers for window cleaning items, and they supply the whole Southern Hemisphere. They currently have many distributors across New Zealand and Australia and have always focused on improving productivity through excellent product development. If you want to find out more about the Ettore brand, you can utilise their services to find products and distributors in your area.

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