WWWCS McLennan DI Head

Is your DI system tired and old? Upgrade your old system to the new McLennan Head now! Streamlined, compact and sturdy, complete with premium brass fittings and ergonomic handle. Ports for detergent dispenser and up to 4 poles. Discounted trolley and resin options available


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35% off lightweight steel DI trolley for the 12.5L, 16L or 25L tank option *

$50 off 25L Premium Thermax Mixed Bed or Hard Water Blend Resin option *

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Product Description

Upgrade your old DI system to the new McLennan Head! Compatible with any blue DI tank, the Head is now standard with all WWWCS DI Systems and Water Fed Packages. It’s streamlined, compact and sturdy, complete with premium brass fittings. There are ports for a detergent dispenser and up to 4 poles, including DI Bypasses when you don’t need a spot-free finish and want to save on resin. The future of DI is here.


Ergonomic moulded handle to use as a Lift & Carry or a second lifting point on your system on a trolley
Ports for up to 4 poles from the one system
– Capability for two DI outlets, with or without detergent injectors, and two DI bypass outlets, with or without detergent injectors
Detergent dispenser available on any DI system, including the Lift & Carry
– Premium brass fittings and stainless valves
Carbon pre-filter standard on all models

Simply let us know which tank size you have, hang onto your tank, we’ll supply the rest and you’ve got a brand new system.


– Tank size of your current system

– Package option
McLennan Head
McLennan Head w/ detergent dispenser + 5L Wash & Rinse detergent
McLennan Head WTS2 w/ detergent, 2 x DI outlets, 2 x DI bypass, inline TDS meter, dual pressure gauge

– Additional outlets, to run multiple poles or bypass resin

– 35% off DI trolley option

– $50 off premium Thermax mixed bed or hard water blend resin option

Exclusive launch price offer for WWWCS members starting at $249.00

*If you’re unsure of your tank size, or whether the McLennan Head is compatible with your system, please contact us.

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