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WWWCS 22” Microtiger Plus Sleeve


22” (56cm) general purpose sleeve with 5mm foam liner. Red abrasive fibres and white absorbent fibres with scrub pad make this scrubber best for heavy duty cleaning, even without detergent

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– 22” (56cm) general purpose sleeve with 5mm foam liner
– No other brand of sleeve will retain more liquid per cm
– Progressive liquid release
– Less drip

This top-performance microfibre fabric, in its distinctive red-and-white colouring, is designed to remove dirt easily using a tiny amount of detergent, or even none at all. This is because the microfibres are a hundred times finer than a human hair and can penetrate right into the microscopic cracks in an apparently flat, compact pane of glass, removing all dirt quickly and easily.
The main innovation is the composition of the yarn: the red is the (soft) abrasive part and the white is the absorbent and degreasing part. This dual action is enhanced by a scrub pad on one side of the Microtiger to help remove hard, rough dirt.

Match this product with any 22” scrubbing bar

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