WWWCS 18” Abrasive Sleeve


18” (46cm) heavy duty sleeve with 5mm sponge. Full length abrasive pad for scrubbing of stubborn dirt and high water retention white microfibre for general purpose scrubbing

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– 18” (46cm) heavy duty sleeve with 5mm sponge
– No other brand of sleeve will retain more liquid per cm
– Progressive liquid release
– Less drip
– 17mm pile
– Top seller for over 10 years

The sleeve stands out due to its blue abrasive pad for heavy duty scrubbing of stubborn dirt. Tests have shown that in both the standard and abrasive versions the fibres maintain their features even after months of heavy-duty work. The fibre does not shed hairs. It has long thick microscopic filaments and is made of a special yarn.
The sleeve is available with two different nap lengths of identical quality. The nap is specially shaped and hemmed to form a woven fibre sleeve with high water retention plus a non-slip rubber back.

Match this product with any 18” scrubbing bar

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