Winsol Super Slip 946ml


Winsol Super Slip lubricates squeegees or blades, allowing easy glide across windows and less drag. Mixes with all detergents and soaps


Winsol Super Slip for lubricating squeegees or blades, allowing easy glide across windows

– Utilises the latest advances in friction minimalisation technology, allowing the lowering of the drag on blade rubbers to an optimal level that assures blade slip, improved rubber life and a reduction in work-related fatigue
– State of the art wetting agents increases blade slip to stop chatter and drag without leading to bleeding
– Lubricates your blade, increasing rubber life without leaving a residue
– Reduces scratching when used with a razor blade, which lubricates the blade
– Slows evaporation so you have more time to work
– Allows you to use less soap so you are less likely to leave streaking
– Mixes easily and safely with all types of detergents and soaps
– Mixes and works well with all types of cleaners and is safe with alcohol for winter work and lengthens evaporation time in summer
– Safe for squeegee rubbers, painted surfaces, aluminium, vinyl and bare metal frames.
– Makes your blade slide like magic, your tools will not become slippery or hard to hold allowing better control

Use 15ml (1-2 caps full) of Super Slip to each 4L of window cleaning solution and squeegee dry.
Mixes instantly with any window washing detergents and additive. Super Slip may also reduce the amount of detergent used in your cleaning solution


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