Samurai Bucket on a Belt


Lightweight and strong bucket on a belt with 3 interchangeable configurations: 2 squeegees & 1 mop, 1 squeegee & 1 pad tool, or open cavity


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What makes it different?

It has three configurations:
– Partition 1: 2 squeegees + mop
– Partition 2: 1 squeegee + pad tool (Moerman FliQ, Wagtail Wave)
– No Partition: Open cavity

It features:
– No wet leg – depending on how people work
– Accommodates a 36″ (or larger) channel, including Unger Ninja, Ettore Super Channel, Sorbo
– Accommodates a 22″ (or larger) mop
– Water drains from the squeegee area to the mop area
– Partition separates the mop from the squeegees so there shouldn’t be any “tangle” issues
– Strap has a buckle for quick release and is adjustable in height. If a person is using large tools, they can let it hang lower. They can also let it ride right on top of their belt.
– The partition makes it easy to clean out the bucket and remove mud from the bottom.
– The way the partition is designed, it should prevent the squeegee rubber from ever getting nicked. If the partition gets worn, it can be sanded down or smoothed with a lighter.
– Four colours available: black, blue, red, pink.

The Samurai is made from polyethylene (HDPE) and feels different than the standard BOABs. HDPE is used a lot in buckets (like your water bucket). HDPE is lightweight but super-strong (as used in milk jugs). It’s impact resistant in case it’s dropped, as well as being chemical and weather resistant.

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