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Aero CAD i-Utility 3m Extension


Fully insulated 3m fibreglass extension with silver 3K weave to turn your 6m Aero CAD i-Utility into a 9m pole


Aero CAD i-Utility Extension 1 with silver 3K weave
for 6m CAD i-Utility poles to extend to 9m

Extended length: 3m (10′)
Closed length: 1.68m
Sections: 2
Approx. extension weight: 0.9kg
Material: 100% fibreglass
Kevlar wear pads: Yes, under all clamping points
Anti-rotational: Yes

– Standard sizing for all Aero CAD range poles and extensions.
– This extension will fit the Aero CAD i-Utility 6m Compact pole and give you an additional 3m reach.

Weight 2 kg


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