35 Litre Water Trolley with 12V Pump


35 litre water trolley with 12V pump. Carry your water with you if you are working at sites without access to a water source or you have access to rain/tank water to save on resin usage. Will feed any length water fed pole

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Working on sites without access to a water source? Got access to rain/tank water with low TDS to save on resin usage? Use this water trolley to cart around your water with you. 12V pump will feed any length of water fed pole. Simply snap onto any standard pole hose valve or connector.

– Tank capacity 35 litres
– 12V/17AH maintenance-free power storage battery
– 6A fuse
– DC12V/2000MA automatic saturation charger
– DC12V / 2.6A / 4.0L/min pump
– Automatic pressure switch
– 70psi(0.48Mpa)
– Tough pneumatic tyres for easy transportation over any surface
– Duty cycle
– Five block rate of flow adjustment
– Voltage meter
– Electricity instruction
– Sprayer wand
– Adjustable brass nozzle
– Output pressure hose
– 7 meters
– ≥7Hours (Cumulative time) using time after full charged

Dimensions: 42×37.5×86.5cm
Shipping weight: 30kg


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Weight40 kg


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